Property Preservation

We PROTECT, CONSERVE and RESTORE assets in the mortgage field industry

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Terior Services is based in St John, IN and has experience in the preservation field since 2008 with w2 employees and 1099 contractors in multiple states. We are a full-service provider of Mortgage Field Services and Property Preservation including Pre-Foreclosure, REO, Re-Occurring, and Rehab

Our clients include Asset Managers, Banks, Servicers, Real Estate Brokers, National Mortgage Field Service Firms, Portfolio Managers, Investors and Attorneys.

We hold our honesty, loyalty, hard work, dedication, open and responsive communication, and timely completion with our clients and contractors as the key to our success. We continually look at our systems and procedures to identify areas that can increase productivity while improving the bottom line.

Our services include

·         Securing ·         Property Condition Reports
·         Winterizations ·         Pest Control
·         Boarding ·         Pool Maintenance
·         Debris Removal ·         Snow Removal
·         Repairs ·         Janitorial Services
·         Code Violation Abatement ·         Lawn Maintenance
·         Utilities Management ·         Landscape Maintenance
·         Demolition ·         Tree Removal