Handyman Services

Why should I use a handyman?

Portrait of confident handyman wearing hard hat on white backgroundA handyman can be used for a variety of small household projects that are time consuming or difficult for one person to do. Hiring will not only free up your schedule but it will also help you complete those tedious tasks.

Water Removal

When your home is exposed to excessive flooding or leaks, Terior Services has the expertise and the equipment to prevent or mitigate the devastating effects water damage done to your property. 

The Terior team is trained under the strictest safety requirements. They will work quickly but careful enough to prevent any damage done to the property. 

Terior Services will make sure that the areas affected by water are safely dried, deodorized, and disinfected.

Drywall Installation

Our drywall experts can handle any major or minor repair for your house or office and they will make sure that your walls are done properly and ready for paint after completion. We also do patch work on walls as well. We are equipped with the right tools that will make your old walls look new again.

What about the debris from the handyman’s work?
Our handyman service will remove any debris upon completion.
Hanging Drywall
Drywall Repair
Step or fall-through-ceiling damage
Drywall Installation
Drywall Skim Coating
Drywall Finishing
Mud, Tape and Sand
New Ceiling
Plaster Wall Repair
Drywall Patching

Carpet and Floor Installation

Do you have old carpet that you can’t stand looking at?

carpenter worker installing laminate flooring in the roomOur carpet removal team will help you!
At Terior, we ensure our customers that all carpet will be removed off the property and recycled after time of service.
Need a new floor? We can do that!
Terior also provides floor installation services.

Terior carpet removal that includes the whole package. Terior Services offers carpet removal, carpet installation, and carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Use us to install your carpet and receive a competitive price at affordable rates.
*Materials are not included and must be present at time of service.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

A carpet cleaning is a positive enhancement on a home or business.
Terior will use all natural products for your carpet. All of the products that we use are pet safe and child safe. Our trained technicians use eco friendly cleaning solutions so your carpet will receive that brand new look and feeling. Our carpet cleaning services can outperform anything that you can do in your office and home.

Tarp a Roof

Tarping a leaking roof is imperative because it prevents further damage being done to your home. If you are negligent to the roof leak in your home it can cause bigger problems. Use us to take care of your roof problems and our trained technicians will make sure that your roof will be properly tarped.

Board Up

Why is it necessary to board up an unsecured business or home?
Board ups prevent from any intruders or thieves from coming into your home and stealing or getting injured on the property. Intruders getting injured on your property can be a liability and is sometimes is a requirement by the county or state.
Our board up services is 24/7

Board up services:

Fire Damage Board Up
Explosions in a building
Robbery or break-in of your house or business
Random accidents needing board up services such as a car going through your window or the side of your building
Household accidents such as a broken patio door
Storm Preparation Board Up
Other Board up Services also available

Board up Services are offered to Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal situations 24/7 Emergency service